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Harald BischoffBavarians live in southeast Germany’s populous alpine state of Bavaria. In 1806, the Kingdom of Bavaria was established when the Roman Empire was abolished and it existed until 1918.  Afterwards Bavaria became a Republic and then in 1946 a state of the Federal Republic of Germany.  Bavarians have a strong national identity separate from Germany, considering themselves “Bavarian” first and “German” second.

The Bavarian population data represent DNA samples from 155 unrelated individuals in Bavaria. Samples were obtained by the Institute of Legal Medicine at the Ludwig-Maximilian- University of Munich.

Photo:  Rosalie Thomass was born in Bavaria in 1987 and an actress.  Photo by Harald Bischoff.

Source publications: Evaluation And Application Of The AmpFlSTR Profiler Plus PCR Amplification Kit In A Bavarian Population Sample, IJLM, 2001, p278-280.

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