Articles and References

Articles, Maps and References

Toward a Sephardic Haplogroup Profile in the New World

By Elizabeth C. Hirschman and Donald N. Panther-Yates. Read more»

Yates & Hirschman, “DNA Haplotyping and Diversity”

Donald N. Yates and Elizabeth Caldwell Hirschman, “DNA Haplotyping and persity: An Anthropogenealogical Method for Researching Lineages and Family Ethnicity.” Paper published in the Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on persity in Organisations, Communities and Nations, Los Angeles, Calif., July 6-9, 2004. PURCHASE for $3.70 (pdf file) or $7.40 (bound offprint). Read more»

The Major Mitochondrial Haplogroups of Europe

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World Migration Map 1

World Migration Map 2

Icon PDF New-Generation Autosomal Ancestry Markers: Rare Genes from History (6321 KB)

Icon PDF Autosomal DNA Testing and Your Genealogy, by Tony Bandy (353 KB)

Icon PDF A Memoir of Chief Two White Feathers (1008 KB)