Angolan – Cabinda

Angolan – Cabinda

Southwest African ǀ African

Nando Rafael

Photo: Nando Rafael, is an Angolan football player. Photo by Borusse86 accessed on Wikimedia Commons.

Angolans are Southwest Africans or blacks of various tribal and ethnic backgrounds sampled in Angola. There are three main ethnic groups in Angola: Umbundu, Kimbundu and Kikongo.  There is no single national identity but rather the country is divided along ethnic, religious, regional, and racial lines. Angola is set apart from its neighboring countries because Angolans speak the Portuguese language.

There are two data sets that have been incorporated into DNA Consultants’ method.
Angolan population data represent represent DNA samples from 102 unrelated individuals from Angola in 2000.
Angolan – Cabinda population data represent represent DNA samples from 110 individuals from Cabinda, Angola in 2003. Cabinda is an exclave and province of Angola which is separated from the rest of Angola by a narrow strip of territory belonging to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Source publication: Comparative analysis of STR data for Portuguese spoken countries, Progress in Forensic Genetics, 2000, 8, p212-214.  17 STR data (AmpFlSTR Identifiler and Powerplex 16 System) from Cabinda (Angola), FSI, 2004, 141, p193-196.

[Population 169, 239]