American Indians and Turkic People Share Deep Ancestry

Old world roots of cherokee resume bookWe’ve known or suspected as much for a long time. American Indians and Turkic peoples of the Altai region of southern Siberia share common ancestors. American scientists Thomas Jefferson and Constantine Rafinesque were the first to demonstrate this genetic similarity, long before the days of DNA. Now an article in American Journal of Human Genetics has clenched the argument with mitochondrial and Y chromosomal DNA studies.

The groundbreaking citation is:  Matthew C. Dulik et al.,Mitochondrial DNA and Y Chromosome Variation Provides Evidence for a Recent Common Ancestry between Native Americans and Indigenous Altaians, AJHG 90/2, 229-246. The full article may read here.

From Old World Roots of the Cherokee, a book appearing June 15 by Donald N. Yates:

–Thomas Jefferson thought American Indians were Turks and Tartars coming across the Bering Sea from Asia, while his contemporary John Filson believed them to be Phoenicians. (See Boorstin, Daniel J. The Lost World of Thomas Jefferson, Chicago:  U of Chicago P, 1993.)

–(quoting Rafinesque) “Many other empires having begun to rise in the vicinity of Aztlan, such as those of Bali [Indonesia, perhaps Oppenheimer’s Eden in the East?], Scythia [Russian steppes], Thibet, Oghuz [Lake Baikal area], the Iztacan were driven eastwards, north of China; but some fragments of the nation are still found in the Caucasus, &c. such as the Abians or Abassans, Alticezecs [Altai Turks], Cushazibs, Chunsags, Modjors, &c.

–“The six Iztacan nations being still pressed upon by their neighbours the Oghuzians [Uigur Turks], Moguls [Mongols], &c. gradually retreated or sent colonies to Japan, and the islands of the Pacific ocean; having discovered America at the peninsula of Alasca [Alaska, a Chinese word], during their navigations, the bulk of the nation came over and spread from Alasca to Anahuac, establishing many states in the west of America, such as Tula [Toltec], Amaquemeca, Tehuajo [Tewa, Tiwa, Tawa], Nabajoa [Navajo], Teopantla, Huehue, and many others.

–“After crossing the mountains, they discovered and followed the Missouri and Arkanzas rivers, reaching thus the Mississippi and Kentucky (26-27).”

How long will it take American history books to catch up to this new proof? We predict:  never. The jingoistic Smithsonian has its own versions of things and these are ingrained into anthropological dogma as deeply as Manifest Destiny. Interestingly, Turkish and Muslim historians have already entered it as a basic fact of history. They have long claimed American Indians as their genetic cousins.


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  1. This is fascinating. I wondered how on earth I could have Native American blood when I did my DNA test and this is proof. Thank you!

  2. There is evidence that the early Cherokee ancestors included Muslims in their numbers, Quran fragments painted in walls, not to mention the fact that there are three cities with “Cherokee” names were kept by the white settlers, Mecca, Medina, and Mahomet (that happens to be the turkish language variation of Muhammad) these names preceded the Adalusian established Khalif Harunia in what’s now the west of the USA, named for Caliph Harun Rashid, the Umayad Caliph of Al-Andalus. These were examples of the common practice if using the native American names for places, and there’s many more , Mona, for example, is a variation of Mina, a famous hill/mountain near Makkah that plays a central role in the Hajj, altogether there are over 500 prices in cities in the US that have Muslim/ Islamic names, the majority of which were imported with the various waves of immigration to the us, but a handfull are “native” names.

    • @ Nuayman It was always very obvious that Turkic nations and native American nations were related.
      But I don’t agree that Cherokees have been Muslims.
      When our ancestors (I’m Turkish) spread in every direction, those who crossed the Bering street and landed in America, they weren’t Muslims.
      They had a shamanistic belief.
      And this took place a long time ago before before Jesus Christ’s birth and Hz. Muhammed.
      So there was no Islam when this has happened.
      Maybe it was even during the Neo-Lithikum.
      Look, I’m Turkish and proud of my heritage.
      But claims like yours make our nation look stupid.
      Stop that, please.
      When I was in Istanbul, I was shocked what the people there were claiming concerning history of Turks and Turkic culture, language and so on.
      Even claiming the son of Noah was Turkish. That isn’t even logic and can be proven wrong if you think a second about that. How can the ethnicity of your children differ from the parents’ one?
      Please, stop telling stuff like this without mentioning a source.
      And tell also other Turks to stop that shit.
      I always feel shame, when I see other Turks telling stuff like this.

      • Hebrew, Christian and Muslim sources unanimously accepted that Turks are descendants of Japhet, son of Noah.
        Mahmud al-Kashgari wrote that: “Turks have 20 branches. The race of each reaches Prophet Noah’s son Japhet, his son Turk”. Written sources, archeological and ground monuments indicate territory of Azerbaijan as a place where Prophet Noah lived. Indisputable and basic evidence is a tomb of Prophet Noah in Nakhchivan (Azerbaijan).
        Ptolemy mentioned that Noah lived and died in Naxouana, i.e. Nakhchivan

      • I agree with you, I am happy of my turkish heritage!

      • Sedat merhaba , you are partly right . I am Turkish too. Let me explain something to you kardes that seems you don ‘t know about Cherokee tribe. Of course when North Americans so called indigenous people came from Central Asia 12000 or 15000 years ago they were following Shamanism Tengrism but you have to search on Google to learn when Cherokee tribe accepted Islam from the Arabs who came as merchants long before Christopher Columbus they new of the existence of this continent. I am living in Canada and the name of our country is not Emglish not French nor Spanish it is Turkic word which means Blood Island ! We are 45 Turkic tribes some mixed with Mongols some muxed with the Chinese peole the todays Karluk Uyghurs . We have differen Turkic dialects ( Lehce ) ! So Turkic people could be Shamanists , Muslims , Judaism like the Khazars , Christians like Gagavuz , Chuvash , Danube Bulgars etc .and could be total Atheists! We are Japhetic people from Japhet son of Noah after the event of the World flood our father of all Turks is Togarmah son of Japhet and Japhet is son of Noah and Togarmah is grandson of Noah so to claim existence of Turkjs before the grandson of Noah Togarmah is insane! Only people who don’t have any knowledge they can claim such claims !

        • Hi Halil,
          Just one comment. It is generally accepted that the name ‘Canada’ originates from Iroquoian word kanata, which means ‘village’ or ‘settlement’. One can still see that it is close to Turkic word ‘kent’ which also means ‘settlement’.

      • I’m sure it’s extremely difficult for you to swallow but these are facts . There were multiple nations here and intermixed . They didn’t adopt the Darwin ideology. They believed in intermarriage . I sensed clues of this all over the place. My grandmothers were of afro native American heritage but one was of Cherokee mixture and the other was of melongeon roots so we are heavily mixed but reclassified as colored. Im light caramel brown skinned with mixed texture hair . And my grandparents knew the farm lands of east Tennessee like the back of their hands but we got dealt a sorry hand having to live the life of a black . How sad , that we just couldn’t continue to live amongst our tribes in Harmony with one another..all because of greed . Natives mixed with Muslim seafarers and merchants. Several times by the way. As well as Turks and others. 0

      • Interesting comments and counter comments. I’m working on another spin to the argument. While the timeline of Quranic revelation doesn’t allow Islam to coincide with native American beliefs, there are arguments that Muslim explorers crossed the Atlantic prior to Columbus et al. So it may be possible that some converted to Quran’ic Islam. However that is not the argument I’m touting here. So if as muslims we believe that all faiths were originally what is described as “deen-e-haneef” before they were altered over time, we can say that the native american faith(s) were originally islamic monotheism, as advocated by the “islamic” messengers, about which it is said to have numbered in the region of 124,000. Also a point to note here, that is possibly not so well known – just as Isa (Jesus peace and blessings ) gave tidings of the advent of the Blessed Messenger (peace and blessings), all other 124,000 messengers gave these tidings. So in a way, we can say that the original followers of all the previous messengers pledged their allegience (bayah) to the Final Messenger (peace and blessings). one thing that caught my attention is that in one Native american creation story, people descended from a “window” in the skies at some point. This narrative in itself marries with the Islamic narrative. If I am correct the mongol and possibly original turkic God was referred to as Tengri/Tenri/Tanri? And this was the Sky God? Although Allah cannot be fixed to a time or place, there is a hadith where The Blessed Messenger (peace and blessings) asked a young girl where Allah was and she pointed to the sky with her finger and he was pleased with her answer. So we can see a common thread here. So native american faiths may have originally been at some point based on islamic monotheism. I’ve noticed that some (if not all) faiths also mention “a chosen one” – so this from my point of view could be one of 2 people; The Final Messenger (peace and blessings) or the Final Imam (Allah be pleased with him) who will be born in End Times (shia belief is that he was already born and has disappeared and will return). I can’t imagine that the latter would be mentioned without the former so my guess it is the former. Obviously scriptures get distorted so other things have crept in. So in a way, there is a possibility that there may be found some artifacts which could relate with islam. Obviously this needs more investigation

  3. My sister/father did a DNA. My mother is 1/2 Cypriot (Turk) and 1/2 Middle Eastern (Palestine). My dad is Middle Eastern (Palestine).

    Here is the DNA results from my sister.
    Africa 5% (Senegal 3%; Africa North 2%)
    Italy & Greece 14%
    Pacific Islander 1% (Melanesia 1%)
    West Asia 80% (Middle East 57%; Caucasus 23%)

    My dad DNA is E-M35 subgroup of E-M215 (it was traced back to Levi tribe)

    I’m very confuse is where did the Melanesia came from? The only thing I see is the French sent the Algerian to labor camps in 1870s to New Caledonia in the Pacific Islands. On my dad DNA does not show Melanesia. I’m thinking it has to come from my mother side.

  4. At the article wrote two opposite alleges of Bering passing Turks and Phoenicians. But I think both can be true. Bering passing Turks are clearly true. But also Meluncan Indian’s ancestors were Ottoman Sailors of middle ages from Turkish/Aegea Costs like Cheshme and Phokia. So that sailors legacy could be some Muslim Rituels.

  5. Alaska is not a chinese word, it’s turkic word meaning “colorful rock of a mountain”. please note that there is a mountain in Kyrgyzstan (Central Asia) called Ala-Too (meaning colorful mountain). Kyrgyzstan is a turkic nation. the word “Ala” means colorful, mixed, dabbed. “Aska” is rock of the mountain. The word got assimilated or got shortened with time Ala-Aska became Alaska.

  6. The possibility of Muslims integrating with the Cherokee Nation should not be denigrated. Several waves of Spanish explorers wandered across the southern United States. The failed expedition to Florida , for example, could have had survivors who pushed further north.

    Although the Islamic kingdom of southern Spain had been vanquished, Moors were still participating in the Spanish military, and were common as aide camp or servants – or slaves. I believe it entirely possible for some Muslims to have run from stupid leaders or harsh conditions and found their way to Cherokee territory.

  7. Erhan Oğuz Kağan

    The Cherokee and any Indian tribe being Muslim or mingling with Muslim traders has no basis or logic behind it. Their beliefs are definitely based on Shamanism/Tengirism, adopted predominantly by Altaic and Central Asian peoples. Additionally, bloodline pureness has been a very strong concept for centuries amongst indigenous peoples all around the world as they have always been reclusive and less inclined to accept strangers from outside of their tribes.

    • There were many tribes of Indians and those wh0 professed many different faiths, Christian Indians, Methodist Indians, Zoroastrian Indians, Jewish Indians, you get the picture, especially in the 16th to 18th centuries.

  8. I can wholeheartedly say that this has been one of the most interesting and informative comments section that I have ever read. I never knew any of this. Why is this not taught in America if this is our true history? I was born and raised in East Tennessee, USA and am olive skinned with medium brown hair and brown eyes was always told that I am part Cherokee & German on my father’s side and Irish, English, & Scottish on my mothers, but upon doing a DNA test recently I have learned that I am less than 1% Cherokee, which is odd considering my father and his mother are very darked skinned and look very much Native American and my father’s father is full German. If any of them were still alive then it would be so much easier to understand where I came from but, as things stand, I’m basically on my own when it comes to figuring out both sides of my genetics since there’s nobody left to ask about any of it now. I did do a K13 DNA analysis but I’m not fully understanding my ancestry really at all. I included the results below if anyone has any insights, thoughts, or advice to share about any of it or knows of any good websites I could check out (preferably free websites). At this point in my research, I am most confident that I can be certain that I know nothing about my ancestry that I thought I knew. But I am looking forward to figuring it all out hopefully.

    West Mediterranean
    West Asian
    East Mediterranean
    East Asian
    Northeast African

  9. So if the Cherokees are of Turkish descent why is it only the Plains Indians have the exact tipis as the Turkish tartars?. Look up Turkish tipis and Plains Indians tipis. And the Cherokees aren’t the largest tribe in North America. It’s the Navajo nation. The Cherokees are numerous because I guess it’s popular to be Cherokee lately plus many in the tribe gained their claim to Native blood because their ancestors were granted five dollar Native cards and crooked people sold them a card for five dollars so they could get the same government food rations as the Natives. Not a drop of Native blood in them. The Sioux nation has ancient Hebrew and Turkish tarter in their dialect. Compare the Cherokee language to Turkish dialect. None. Instead of believing just anybody that says they are Cherokee or Native or Turkish Tartar study the passed down dialects and “tipis”..🙄

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