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Applying Genetics to the Biological History of Indigenous Tribes and Other Ethnic Populations

DNA Consultants began as a family business founded by Donald and Teresa Yates in 2003. Our methods, expertise and databases differ from other companies' and are not available anywhere else. In a field highly driven by technology, we still pride ourselves on a personal touch. We were first with Cherokee, Native American and Jewish forensic testing. In 2019, we introduced the Basic American Indian DNA Test, the most sensitive test for Native American ancestry.

Basic Hispanic DNA Test

Basic Hispanic DNA Test

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All our results are customized, confidential and current. Once you receive a report you have unlimited customer service by phone or email. You are part of the family!

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Understanding Our Science

Customers ask me, "What makes you different from other companies?" Well, we are smaller. And we are unique in key ways. For example, we are the only company with Cherokee, Jewish and Ancient DNA tests.

An Overview of DNA Testing for Genealogy.

Deoxyribonucleic acid is the biological material that contains the blueprint and instructions for all function and development of living organisms. By examining and analyzing it, we can compare your genes to those of millions of people all over the planet. This analysis can be used for many purposes.

Who we are

Our staff members are degreed professionals in history, philology and the social sciences, and they can translate your number sets into a meaningful historical story, based on extensive knowledge of world history, population studies and genealogy sources. Your genetic analysis will be customized for your personal research goals.

Genealogy Services.

We offer four levels of genealogy services, from DNA Silver Service to our top-tier Custom Genealogy Service. DNA Silver Service provides personalized research, ideal for uncovering hidden roots with a "kid-gloves" approach. Our Custom Genealogy Service offers the most comprehensive research, tracing both paternal and maternal lines up to five generations.