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With genealogy the No. 1 hobby in the United States today, more and more people are turning to genetics labs to reveal the mysteries of “where do I come from?” Genes do not lie. Yet many tracing their ancestry get results that leave them wondering. They never find out what the numbers and matches truly mean.

Our specialty is integrating genetic and genealogical information into customized personal ancestry reports. We are the only company that is history-based as well as grounded in the sciences. 

With our exclusive DNA Fingerprint Test and DNA Fingerprint Plus, as well as our DNA extraction products, we have the most comprehensive offerings in the consumer genetics field. In response to requests from our customers, we recently introduced the first secure and convenient DNA Archiving Card. Another of our innovations in the field is Rare Genes from History.

Our service labs (depending on the test) are Genetrack and DNA Diagnostic Center, both accredited and acknowledged world leaders in genetic and forensic testing.

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The company was founded in 2003. Dun and Bradstreet 169045791.

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