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Rare Genes from History Test


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 Rare Genes from History Test

All 26 of DNA Consultants' new markers are rare, but that’s what makes them interesting.  

Coming from all sections of human diversity—African, Indian, Asian and Native American—they are like the tiny gold filaments in a huge, outspread multi-colored tapestry.  

These rare but robust signals of deep history can act as unique touchstones for the surprising stories of individuals and help clarify your DNA Fingerprint Plus results. 

Rare Genes from History Panel (sample)

Note:  This introductory version includes a DNA test. If you have already tested with the DNA Fingerprint Test, we can use your existing lab work. You need only order the Rare Genes from History Update. 

Not everyone is going to have one, but here is the lineup with links to further information.

Helen  Scythian Kilimanjaro Thuya
Akhenaten  King Tut Egyptian Cochise
First Peoples Lake Baikal Amerind Khoisan
Kongo Sinti Dream Time Sundaland
Empire Shaman Rain Goddess Zagros
Europa Mongol Circassian Denisovan
Yellow Emperor Mozambican    

New-Generation Autosomal Ancestry Markers: Rare Genes from History (pdf notes on lecture from Family History Expos, Mesa, Arizona, January 18-19, 2013)

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 Product Reviews
Wow!I have six rare genes.
Thuya Gene,Akhnaten Gene,King Tut Gene,Scythian Gene(that was waiting for me by intuition),Sinti Gene(Romani,Gypsy)and finally Europa Gene.I thank DNA Consultants for the excellent work.I recommend

Claudimy de Lima
Wow! 3 Rare Genes!
I got the results of my updated DNA Fingerprint Plus with Rare Gene Report yesterday. I am still absorbing the results.. I don't know what I expected to find with the test, but having an old blood type O and other factors like looking for Native American and Melungeon Genes, I wanted to find out. Maybe I would find Rameses III , Well didn't find that but DNA Consultants could have knocked me over with a feather, I had 3, rare ones. Some folks don't even have one. The one I wasn't looking for was the Sinti Gene found among Gypsy . I hadn't looked for it in my research, though I had come across some great info among the Irish Travel Research, Steve Pony Hill site, and some SC research. Apparently that comes from a lot of those unknow females or further back and does make sense as to why I have some ancestors that were able to migrate as earlier as 1695 in NC when Irish weren't allowed to Migrate legally prior to 1800s. Other places found in NorthWestern Indian and South American Indian
The other 2 Koisan Gene that occures in 1 and 6 Melungeons (makes sense, Melungeon is my #1) it occurs in a lesser rate in Native Americans. , Cherokee, Greek and East Med.
Finally Zagros, I hadn't even looked at that before when browsing the gene links at www.dnaconsultants.com
Rare African Gene not found in American African Americans

Hurry and get yours so we can all share.

I just Love finding new things just when you think nothing new is under the sun.

--DJ Thornton on DNA Communities
I have had multiple DNA tests from DNA Consultants and I have and am very satisfied with my resultls. I do not have problem with any part of my ancestry. I think each time I have had testing I have found yet another surprise. I am Melungeion (a mix marsala of Arab, Turk, Malay Portugues,etc) , Subsaharan African, Jewish, Native American, European, and now Romani. I love all of it. So please do not take my previous comments as anything but another amazing find in my long search for my ancestors! You do great work!
Tammy Duncan
Thank you for your extended work. I will upgrade, but it will have to wait till income tax time. That's the best we can do. But we really appreciate your work.
Nancy Shoemaker, Waynesboro, Pa. 17268
Un immense merci! I am professional from Europe and have ordered many tests from other companies over the years, searching to confirm my family's migrations and what countries they settled in, with a deep feeling of Jewish roots. On the basis of the older haplogroup tests, I was assured there was no way our family could be Jewish! Dr. Yates and his staff took the time to review our family history and advised that I try the Jewish DNA Test, a simple yes-no litmus test. Yes, I had two Jewish markers, but were they from my mom or dad? I then took the full DNA Fingerprint Plus and learned the whole story, which I won't go into out of regard for family members' privacy. Next, I sent my mom a present of the same comprehensive test and got her results. With these, Dr. Yates was able to say to me without qualification that I received my Jewish II marker for Ashkenazi ancestry from my father. Proof at last! After DNA Consultants' comparison of my autosomal profile with my mother's, factoring out her contribution and arriving at my father's, I understand for the first time the answer to the possibility of Jewish roots in my lineage. DNA Consultants' methods confirmed that both parents had Jewish ancestry, that my mom was responsible for certain countries and that my father was the source for others. By this means, I finally discovered my father's contribution to my makeup. It was almost certainly Sephardic Jewish (the population matches Majorcan Chuetas and Israeli Jews were traced to him), with some Ashkenazi (Lithuanian came up in my report). There was no charge for these precious services. They were just part of the modus operandi of the company's customer service. I shall always be grateful to DNA Consultants for their patient followup. I had given up with other types of tests. --Anonyme

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