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DNA Fingerprint Test


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 DNA Fingerprint Test

The DNA Fingerprint Test™

Our exclusive DNA Fingerprint Test examines all your ancestral lines at once, to tell you which countries and ethnic groups your ancestors came from.  The test confirms any Native American, African or Asian ancestry; if you are primarily European, you will also receive your top twenty matches from different European countries (or parts of countries). Your DNA Fingerprint can also help explain the origin of physical traits that you or your relatives may possess. Unlike other autosomal tests, the DNA Fingerprint Test computes the likelihood of its matches on the basis of contemporary populations, not ancient world migrations or evolutionary theory.

Sample DNA Fingerprint Report

We will send you a package with a collection kit and instructions. You will collect a sample with a cheek swab, and return the kit via a prepaid business reply envelope. Your sample will be analyzed against 16 standard STR markers, also called CODIS markers. Your values for 15 of these genetic systems are compared with our company database known as atDNA 6.0, developed by population experts. In addition to your leading matches to world populations where you have ancestry, you receive your top European populations and megapopulations as well. 

Then, our genealogy experts take your DNA results and evaluate the relative strength and weakness of your matches to arrive at an overall picture of your primary ancestries. You will also receive a world ancestry map and certificate of testing.  It takes about four to eight weeks for analysis of the sample and preparation of your report.

The DNA Fingerprint Test can be taken by anyone, regardless of gender. This is ideal for women, who cannot otherwise test their father's line without a brother or other male to take the sex-related Y chromosome test. It is not confined to just your two "outside" male-male or female-female lines (which many believe make this autosomal test more practical and accurate). This also makes the DNA Fingerprint Test ideal for situations where relatives are deceased or unknown (as in adoptive families).

Read more about the DNA Fingerprint. 

You can add the 18 Marker Ethnic Panel to your DNA Fingerprint, making it a DNA Fingerprint Plus. This add-on analysis checks your lab report for 18 distinctive numerical values scattered through your genetic material. These markers were discovered by DNA Consultants. They have been linked to early human migrations branching out of Africa into Asia, Native America and Europe. Your report will tell you if you have the marker from one parent, from both, or from neither. Read more about the 18 Marker Ethnic Panel or DNA Plus.

Includes free membership in DNACommunities.com.

Add DNA Archiving Pack  if you would like to preserve a sample of your DNA for emergencies or future testing.

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 Product Reviews
Un immense merci!

I am professional from Europe and have ordered many tests from other companies over the years, searching to confirm my family's migrations and what countries they settled in, with a deep feeling of Jewish roots. On the basis of the older haplogroup tests, I was assured there was no way our family could be Jewish!

Dr. Yates and his staff took the time to review our family history and advised that I try the Jewish DNA Test, a simple yes-no litmus test. Yes, I had two Jewish markers, but were they from my mom or dad?

I then took the full DNA Fingerprint Plus and learned the whole story, which I won't go into out of regard for family members' privacy. Next, I sent my mom a present of the same comprehensive test and got her results. With these, Dr. Yates was able to say to me without qualification that I received my Jewish II marker for Ashkenazi ancestry from my father. Proof at last!

After DNA Consultants' comparison of my autosomal profile with my mother's, factoring out her contribution and arriving at my father's, I understand for the first time the answer to the possibility of Jewish roots in my lineage. DNA Consultants' methods confirmed that both parents had Jewish ancestry, that my mom was responsible for certain countries and that my father was the source for others.

By this means, I finally discovered my father's contribution to my makeup. It was almost certainly Sephardic Jewish (the population matches Majorcan Chuetas and Israeli Jews were traced to him), with some Ashkenazi (Lithuanian came up in my report).

There was no charge for these precious services. They were just part of the modus operandi of the company's customer service. I shall always be grateful to DNA Consultants for their patient followup. I had given up with other types of tests.


AWESOME reports. I will be studying and reading for days. Very thorough and intricate analysis as always!

Jan Ravenspirit Franz
I am so impressed by the professionalism of the staff. The report was so valuable to me because my paper trail has many holes and many unanswered questions. The report provided some surprise findidngs, which I find quite provocative. I am still working
to fill those gaps and the DNA fingerprint report has helped tremendously. Thank you!!

debra roberts

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