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DNA Fingerprint PlusDNA Fingerprint Plus   Our best-selling autosomal test analyzes your entire ancestry with matches to populations around the world, plus running an 18 Marker Ethnic Panel. Our steadiest seller.  
Jewish DNA Fingerprint PlusJewish DNA Fingerprint Plus   Our exclusive test for Jewish roots and all the rest of your ancestry, including European countries of origin. As seen on TV.  
Native American DNA Fingerprint PlusNative American DNA Fingerprint Plus   Native American version of our steadiest selling test, gives you all your ancestry and highlights the Native American  
Melungeon DNA Fingerprint PlusMelungeon DNA Fingerprint Plus   Get the Melungeon version of our DNA Fingerprint Plus full ancestry analysis  
Premium Combo DNA TestPremium Combo DNA Test   Combine our Premium Female and Premium Male tests for the most extensive analysis on both your Y-Chromosome and mitochondrial DNA, compared to the world’s leading DNA databases.  
Premium Combo DNA Report OnlyPremium Combo DNA Report Only   Submit your Y chromosome and mtDNA results together for a full customized report benefiting from our methodology and expertise  
Premium Male DNA TestPremium Male DNA Test   Test 25 markers on your Y-chromosome to understand the history of your surname, and your male line (back through your father’s father’s father’s… and so on). A male must provide this sample.  
Premium Male DNA Report OnlyPremium Male DNA Report Only   Order an informative report on the basis of your Y chromosome results from another lab  
Premium Female DNA TestPremium Female DNA Test   Can be taken by male or female. Analyze your mitochondrial DNA against the reference series to understand your matrilineal descent from the earliest humans to the present.  
Premium Female Report OnlyPremium Female Report Only   Get a complete report on your data including matches to individuals based on our methodology and expertise  
Premium UpgradePremium Upgrade   Our "loyal customer" choice. This product is for returning customers who would like an updated analysis of their prior results.  
Cherokee DNA TestCherokee DNA Test   Test to see if you have any Cherokee ancestry