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African DNA Fingerprint PlusAfrican DNA Fingerprint Plus   African version of our standard Plus  
African DNA TestAfrican DNA Test   Get the maximum information about your mother's African lineage  
DNA Fingerprint PlusDNA Fingerprint Plus   "Plus" version of our regular autosomal test analyzes your entire ancestry with matches to populations around the world, plus running an 18 Marker Ethnic Panel. Our steadiest seller.  
EURO DNA Fingerprint Ancestry TestEURO DNA Fingerprint Ancestry Test   The only DNA test that analyzes your European ancestry into discrete national origins  
Family DNA Duo PackageFamily DNA Duo Package   Family Pack Duo  
Family DNA Trio PackageFamily DNA Trio Package   Family Pack Trio  
Jewish DNA Fingerprint PlusJewish DNA Fingerprint Plus   Go for the whole product and find all your ancestry matches and markers  
Premium DNA Fingerprint PlusPremium DNA Fingerprint Plus   Ultimate version of our autosomal test includes your personal, copyrighted DNArt  
Premium UpgradePremium Upgrade   Our "loyal customer" choice. This product is for returning customers who would like an updated analysis of their prior results.  
Basic Male DNA Ancestry TestBasic Male DNA Ancestry Test   Determines a standard set of 16 Y-STRs on a Y chromosome  
Rare Genes from History Panel $149 PRICE REDUCED!Rare Genes from History Panel $149 PRICE REDUCED!   Add this to your DNA Fingerprint to find out if you have any of our newly discovered autosomal ancestry markers!  
DNA Fingerprint TestDNA Fingerprint Test   Our basic product, this exclusive autosomal analysis tests your entire genome, regardless of gender, and analyzes your population matches and principal ancestries.