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   We are pleased to announce that we have a match to our Kelly to the Kelly Clan in Ireland UNeill Current Clan Chief Walter O’Kelly

We are pleased to have joined the Irish Heritage DNA Project Now Ireland Y
Results can be found under R1b

Please check this page often for updates. There are results posted and will be updated when new tests are received. There is a table for the results from the lab along with descendant charts. Click on each name to view. The tables may show a more recent date.
Lt Richard Carney is a test from another lab and that results differs from our MS Carneys.
The first tests have come back R1b. We will see how this progresses with interest. R1b is one of the most challenging of Haplotypes to study.
It has origins in Spain and Northern Portugal and Northern Ireland in regards to our test subject.
Carney is a Northern Ireland Surname coming from Eremon Son of the High King of Ireland and is descended from the
Niall of the Nine Hostages of the Milesian Legends and Genealogies. Also read Milesian and Irish Storyteller.
In studying this surname we are studying the Celts. See
Celtic Myths
"The ancient Celts had migrated as far east as Asia Minor and to the west as far as Spain and the British Isles around the 5th century BC"
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Shirley Association. This is a great site that some of us relate to
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American Journal of Human Genetics Celtic Origins (download pdf to read)

The Journey of Man by Spencer Wells
Article 2 with Pictures

The Seven Daughters of Eve Bryan Sykes
7 Daughters Chart

Analysis and conclusions will not be placed on the website presently.
A report at the end of the project or when project goals have been met will be provided by
DNA Consulting.
Our Project began in Dec 2004 and was begun by the MS Carney Girls Research group. We will continue the project indefinitely. We are charging a membership fee because it entitles you to discounts on selected DNA Consulting Products, and the Project Report. This report is an exclusive of DNA Consulting. You may join the project just to get the report if you don't have a test subject.  If you have results from another lab I will post them with the group just email them to me, along with your line of descent.
Join Group Project purchase here. Then forward to me your receipt by email
You will be kept up with updates, newsletters and the final report. This option can also be used to raise sponsorship money for your test participants fee. (Email also in case there is a sponsor member for your line already.)Put in the comments whose test you are sponsoring. When enough is collected then you can order the tests. 13 marker world match or 37 marker World Match. The lab we use is Sorensen Genomics. These tests give your more markers than FTDNA so even with the membership fee it is a bargain.
If you have tested at another lab I will post your results for free but to get a copy of the Exclusive report  by DNA Consulting you must pay a join project fee. None of the Project fees go to administration of the project. That is strictly voluntary by the group.
We are testing men with Ancestors abt  1700+ that were found in TN, NC, SC,GA,LA, MS, AL. We would like to find someone from the Arthur Carney of GA lines and the Samuel Carney of SC Rev War and one the war of 1812 as well as Choctaw Captain Jerry Carney who signed the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek.
All Carney and related kin are welcome to join.

Hope to hear from you soon!
MS Carney Girls and Kin

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